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A competent and experienced service team is available to answer individual questions about your projects or technical services. We Are The Ones Who Like To Collect Satisfied Clients.

The ones who are with you in every stage of the projects, and the ones who provide you the service, not in just the way you want but also make it more innovative. We do not only love our job, we also do the job that we love. With all these details, we are solfreaks.



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Who We are


We have been providing companies with individual solutions. We have long outgrown the nerdy “garage team” from back then. Today we work in spacious offices and prefer to work on demanding tasks for innovative medium-sized customers during the day.

An interdisciplinary team of web design and development, app developers, designers, experts for branding, UX, SEO, and content as well as project managers and customer advisors on a common mission: to inspire our customers for the possibilities of digital applications.


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We have been supporting companies in the development, redesign, and marketing of their digital strategies. Together with our team of web designers and programmers, we offer professional services related to web design and online marketing.

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