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Many times, maybe too many times, customers contact a copywriter and demand strong and accurate copywriting for their website. Now and immediately. Really urgent… The same customers reach the final stage, before launching the site or worse after the site has been launched and managed to cause (at best) image damage at one level or another, whether due to weak copywriting or due to a shaky and not tight concept.

Not just the design

All those customers have one thing in common: they first invested time and money in the design, “the writing” they said to themselves “we will try to do it alone”… tried – and did not always succeed.

While website design is important and even critical to the success of the website, it is only one side of the image and marketing currency. The other, no less important side is a professional named copywriting and marketing writing or in their Hebrew name – ideas.

Copywriting and ideas

Copywriting, marketing writing, and conceptualization are concepts from the world of writing and content. Copywriting builds content, pours meaning, and most importantly – motivation for action. Marketing writing is not just quality and creative writing. The purpose of marketing writing is to bring about the action of buying, selling, joining a members club, and more.

Often, professional and concise copywriting is written in a simple, clean, and direct way and in fact devoid of any unnecessary creativity and sophistication. Marketing writing can be defined as the art of selling, only in writing.

Where the words end ...

Copywriting work does not end with writing words. Often it actually just starts here, where the words end or are not yet born…

At the beginning of every website, product, brand, campaign, brochure, slogan, company name, company profile, company vision, and more – there is an idea. The idea is conceived by a professional copywriter into words. Words that enliven the idea to fulfillment. An idea can start with one word and from there embroider skin and tendons and become a special sight, a perfect image, a sweeping campaign or, that an idea can be born a little blurry and unclear and be clarified through words.

In any case, a professional copywriter may be of great help to you before building a website and designing advertising material of any kind. why? Very simple: a copywriter can with the flick of a keyboard turn an abstract idea into a clear concept, and equally a copywriter can turn a clear concept into an actual and motivating campaign for action.

Characterization builds character

The site characterization phase is important to perform, process, and decide before sending it for design and programming. After all, it is clear that it is better to know what you want to broadcast, who the target audience is, how the competitors sound and are written, and hence build a different and differentiated verbal image. And there is more: on a sales site, it is important to know the art of selling – where to place the various products, a banner, an advertisement, and the like. Behind these decisions are quite a few marketing theories that have proven themselves on thousands of sales sites.

Simply put, the characterization of the site builds its character, the way it will be built, the places where the content will appear, hence the character affects the beauty and from there the path to consciousness and motivation for shorter action. point.

Also on the hot topic on the net – SEO, it is important to consult a copywriter even before designing. The top content on the main page including domain name, company name, slogan, titles, main bar, and any pips written in words has a decisive impact on the promotion of the site. Using accurate content even during the design and construction stages and even before them improves the site promotion miraculously.

Wait, do not send to print yet!

We will go for a little walk outside the screen. Yes, there is a whole world of print and print there. A little old world but still alive and kicking. big time! The world of printing is fundamentally different from the world of the Internet: once the material – logos, slogans, stationery, advertisements, etc., goes to print, it is impossible to change them. This is another reason to first go to a copywriter who will write the content and only that they are completely closed, but completely – send for design and printing.

Copywriter for Facebook marketing

For example Slogan – a leading advertising slogan. The slogan must be perfect and get the consent of all concerned (and sometimes there are too many touches…) before sending the logo and slogan to print. Not to mention every paragraph and title that contains a company profile, ad, advertisement, and the like.

Copywriting - one last thing

And finally. Meeting with a copywriter before setting up a website or sending it to print can save time, money, and heartache. More than that – it can lift, upgrade and strengthen the marketing message and hence motivate better, faster, and easier to activate the target audience.

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